The Best Mashed Potatoes I Have Ever Made

Mashed potatoes have always been one of my favorite foods.  When I was little, my mom centered meals around mashed potatoes and gravy.  I got the idea to make potatoes tonight because I REALLY needed to use the rest of that creme fraiche.  I figured it could work double duty in the potatoes and I could omit the milk and butter from them.  This worked fantastically and tasted unbelievable.  I ended up with a Shepherd’s Pie of sorts using more leftovers…

Mexican Shepherd’s Pie

-boiled 4 Russett potatoes (diced, skin on) in the remaining whey I had leftover (10 minutes)
-drained/mashed them.  Added ~1/3 cup of creme fraiche, continued mashing
-added salt, to taste
-mixed in canned corn, leftover guacamole, salsa

Total meal took 15-20 minutes.  I’m not even going to try and guess the price since I’ve been down to the bits and pieces of leftovers, although I have to assume it was less than $2.50.


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