Lost in the Super Market

Today was the best haul I’ve brought home from the grocery store and it was entirely on a whim.

During Project Runway I decided to check out the ads we got in the mail today.  On the very front page of the Kroger circular was an ad for Mom’s Best Naturals cereal.  This is seriously some of the best cereal I’ve ever tasted…a 16.5 ounce box was on sale for $0.99.  I bought 10 boxes.

While I was there, I noticed a new granola bar, Good n’ Natural, was on sale, too.  I got 10 for $0.49 each.  These seem pretty similar to clif bars, nutrition wise.  I’m excited to try the cranberry almond.

I also got organic bananas for $0.79 a pound.  They’re usually $0.99/ lb so I was pumped.

Finally, employing my favorite shopping strategy, I managed to get one of those cute organic salad containers full of radicchio, herbs, spinach, romaine, etc for $1.79 on manager’s special.  My grand total?  $18.59

my unbelievable haul


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