Supermarket Shuffle

I left my house at 6:15 PM today on a mission to get my watch fixed and pick up some groceries since I finally got paid..

After 3 grocery stores, $40.97, 7 pounds of meat, and a ton of cooking, here I am — 4 hours later.

While going to the different stores was exhausting, it was TOTALLY worth it.  Here’s a pic of what I got:

$41 of organic goodness

See all those orange stickers in the top left?  That is 7 pounds of meat that I got for 60% off.  Why was it 60% off?  Well, it goes bad tomorrow, but that’s okay because I have plenty of freezer space.  This is also more than enough meat to last me the rest of the semester.  Here is what I got:

1 lb organic romaine lettuce: $0.99
1 gallon organic 2% milk: $5.99
1 bulb organic garlic: $0.84
2 x pesticide free butternut squash: $1.00
5 lb bag organic navel oranges: $3.99
2 pesticide free turnips: $0.99
28 oz cans organic diced tomatoes: $2.49
28 oz can organic whole peeled tomatoes (fail): $2.89
2.39 lbs organic rolled oats: $2.37

+ 5% discount

Total: $20.47

Sahara Mart:

(All the meat is from Fischer Farms, an all natural, hormone and antibiotic free farm from Jasper, IN)

1.01 lbs  ground bison: $4.54
1.03 lbs ground turkey: $2.57
1.00 lbs ground beef: $2.50
1.95 lbs beef chuck roast: $5.70
1.82 lbs pork tenderloin: $4.06
1 gallon organic milk: $3.00

+10% off

Total: $20.50

Grand total: 40.57

This is how I followed the rules for myself from yesterday’s post:

1.  I saved a total of 15% on my groceries today by going on member days.  Bloomingoods’ was 5% and Sahara 10%.

2.  didn’t use any coupons

3.  I saved $22.46 using manager’s specials at Sahara.  All the meat and the 2nd gallon of milk goes bad tomorrow so it was all 50% off.  I immediately froze the meat and I made yogurt and cheese tonight out of the milk.  At Bloomingfoods, I saved $2-3+ on the squash.  It is usually $0.69/lb, and these were $0.50 each.  Granted, the majority of them were rotten, I was still able to find a couple that were somewhat good.  I immediately roasted them when I got home and now I have 2+ pounds of butternut squash pulp that I will keep in the fridge.

4.  I intentionally didn’t buy a couple things I normally would put in my lunch, since I have been taking leftovers in.  For instance, I was tempted to buy almonds solely to make almond butter for lunches.  However, organic almonds are $8.99/lb and are something I can skip this month since I only want them for the stray day here or there that I may  make a sandwich.

5.  I saved money by not buying yogurt or cheese this trip.  It was an added bonus that I ended up getting the milk for $3.00.

6.  I didn’t make too many bulk selections this time, but I am happy that I bought a lot of oatmeal at such a low price.

7.  I remembered my reusable bags! But I also found the only stores in town that don’t give discounts for them 😦

8.  I felt as though I was flexible with my food choices.  I didn’t buy bananas (+1 for maturity) and the only things I bought that weren’t on sale were garlic and and the first gallon of milk.  Oh, I also failed hardcore and bought the wrong can of tomatoes, accidentally paying $0.50 more.

9.  Finally, there were a few things I walked away from buying just because they were on sale.  These included black beans and organic walnuts.  I love both, but truthfully they just end up sitting in my pantry longer than they should.  One area I could have been better: the chuck roast.  I don’t really need that, but I got a little discount happy.

Money left in the budget: $67.24


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