Squash’s Last Stand

Finally!  Exactly 1 week later and I am through with squash..for now.  I actually really enjoyed it.  Besides the meals I’ve listed I have had squash in nearly every dish.  As far as non dinner meals went, it certainly worked the best in oatmeal.

I feel like I’ve been eating a lot of wheat products lately so I was kind of feeling a light, refreshing dinner.  I had a very little bit of romaine left, and I had been craving more turnips in my life.  I also have these oranges that I bought that unfortunately are going moldy, so I wanted to use one of those, too.  I realized I also needed some protein, so that’s where the tuna came in.  Therefore, I came up with the following salad:

goodbye, squash

It contains the following:

-organic romaine lettuce
-1 organic navel orange (cut in 8ths)
-one can of tuna
– ~1/4 cup organic turnip, julienned
– ~1/3 cup organic butternut squash
– balsamic vinegar

I was a little bit skeptical of putting tuna with this salad, but it actually worked.  I think the citrus really helped balance the flavors, along with the acidity of the vinegar.  The turnip has mellowed a little bit, so it didn’t overpower any flavors.

Total Cost: $1.48

romaine: $0.25
orange: $0.40
tuna: $0.60
turnip: $0.10
squash: $$0.13

I’m honestly a little bit surprised that this salad is almost as much as my bread.  However, this is all fresh produce, and if you think about how much you would pay for a similar salad, I think I came out on top 🙂


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