…That’s how I feel after my latest grocery store excursion.

I was riding pretty high on how well I did the last time I went to the grocery store…I guess it was time for a down week.

It just seemed like absolutely  nothing was on sale.  While standing in line I realized I hadn’t actually bought anything, just ingredients to make old standbys.  I ended up grabbing some grind-your-own peanut butter since it was on sale, but I feel like that’s the only thing I bought that I can even put in my lunch.  Oh well, better luck next time I suppose.

organic bananas: $0.99/lb – $2.28 (not on sale)
organic chickpeas x 2: $4.00
organic diced tomatoes x 2: $3.98
organic orange juice: $5.29
organic plain yogurt: $0.75
3 lbs organic yellow onions: $2.99
peanut butter: $2.89/lb- $1.18

5% discount

Total: $19.45

I suppose this will last me through the week and a grocery bill under $20 isn’t bad.  I just feel like I didn’t get much.  The bananas will go in my lunch for the rest of the week, along with the peanut butter and the bread I made.  I can roast the chickpeas.  I can do absolutely anything with the tomatoes.  The orange juice will last forever because I take it with my liquid iron.  The plain yogurt will be used as a starter for home made yogurt.  The onions should last at least a few weeks… I just feel like I’m lacking food I can eat right now.

I guess we’ll see how the week goes.

Monthly total: $60.03

Money Left in Budget: $47.68



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  1. Sorry to hear about your shopping misadventures. You win some and you lose some.

    Do you know anything about the BPA concerns surrounding canned tomatoes? I figure a chemist would have a good idea if this is a serious hazard. Considering the time left in our young lives to accumulate BPA, I’d prefer to prevent my sterilization. Which is not to say I want to get anyone pregnant though.

  2. I just get “fresh” tomatoes and process them however I need to (crush, dice, whatever). I say “fresh” after Jill Robinson had her class read a paper about the chemical treatments tomatoes go through during shipping and at the grocery. But I digress. I have seen tomatoes in jar, but I can’t remember where. Sorry.

      • Yeah, so I actually have with some pretty good success. I blanch the tomatoes first, then dice and freeze. Blanching is just dunking the tomatoes in boiling water for about 15 seconds, then putting them in cold water to stop them from cooking. It’s something I learned when I used to can stuff and make jams, etc. I feel like it might not be necessary to blanch, but does tend to give cleaner cuts.

      • That’s really great advice…I’m not sure why I never thought of just stocking up on tomatoes when they’re on sale. PS- I have starter for you. I’d say let’s do dinner tonight, but my nephew is going to be in town so I’m taking him out.

      • Great I’d really like to try sourdough. Don’t worry about last night. Dinner went hours longer than anticipated.

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