Grocery Day

Lesson Learned.

it's good to have food again

Remember last week when I was sad that there weren’t any good sales at Bloomingfoods?  This week I looked online at their sale flier ahead of time.  When I went there today it turned out that they hadn’t posted their sales.  at all.  I never would have known and would have had another disappointing shopping trip.  Becca and I had to literally show the manager online what their sales were because she didn’t believe us.  There are 3 different B-foods here…I think I’ll go back to traveling to the farther one because they’re always on top of these things.

Items I bought on sale that were listed online but NOT in the store:

4.31 lbs of raw almonds (bulk): $20.64
1.65 lbs organic pearled barley (bulk): $1.79
1.07 lbs organic red lentils (bulk): $2.02

That may not look like much, but the almonds were normally $8.99/ lb (got them for $4.79/lb), the barley is normally $2.49/lb (on sale for $0.99/lb), and the red lentils are typically $3.29/lb (snagged those for $1.89/lb).

That’s a total savings of $21.93

Here are the other items I bought:

Organic Multigrain Pancake Mix: $2.99
2 lbs of organic bananas: $1.91
1 dozen organic medium eggs: $1.99
2 organic yams: $1.62
frozen organic rhubarb: $1.79
1 gallon organic milk: $5.99
organic celery root: $1.17
5 lbs organic russett potatoes: $3.99

Grand total spent: $45.50

total saved: $25.89

Total left in budget: $2.18

uh oh…I guess this will be an intersting next two weeks.  I totally thought I still had $20 more…


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