I’ve been avoiding the sale fliers from the grocery stores I used to go to because I don’t want to think about how much money I could be saving / how much more food I could be buying.

However, for the sake of procrastinating on grading these lab worksheets, I’m going to look through the fliers and see what I would be buying, and compare it to what I buy now.  Riveting, right?

Sunbeam Split Top Wheat bread- $1.49
Instead, I make my own organic whole wheat sourdough bread for ~the same price.
Anna: 1, supermarket: 0

Food Club Shredded Cheese – $4.09 / 32 oz.
Instead, I make my own organic cheese for $1.50 / 32 oz.
Anna: 2, supermarket: 0

Cheez-Its – $1.44
So, I have a price point for pretty much everything.  My price point for Cheez-Its is $1.88.  I’m sad that I’m missing this, but I would honestly (now) rather snack on almonds than cheese crackers.  I used to eat a box of white cheddar cheez its in 2-3 sittings.  I win for not being tempted to buy these anymore.
Anna: 3, supermarket: 0

White Seedless Grapes: $0.98
My price point for grapes is $0.99.  However, grapes have the seventh highest pesticide rating, so I would definitely pay more for pesticide free.
Anna: 4, supermarket: 0

Hot or Lean Pockets: 5/$10
I only buy these when they’re $2.00 each or less.  HOWEVER, not buying them forces me to make healthier foods and save money.  Win.
Anna: 5, supermarket: 0

Food Club Canned Vegetables: $0.59
Hmmm…I’m torn on this one.  I eat organic veggies now, but that’s a really low price.  I’m also trying to eat less canned goods…I’ll go half with the grocery story.
Anna: 5.5, supermarket: .5

Minute Maid Orange Juice: 2/$5
I go through a lot of orange juice to take my iron supplements with.  It pains me that organic orange juice is 1/$5.
Anna: 5.5, supermarket: 1.5

Green Bell Peppers: $0.88
That’s a really good price for green peppers, but the quality of these are always hit and miss when they’re that cheap.  I would rather buy fresh and pesticide free and pay more.
Anna: 6.5, supermarket: 1.5

Hass Ripe Avocados: 10/$10
Avocados are actually on the safe list, so I think I have to give this one to the grocery store.
Anna: 6.5, supermarket: 2.5

Broccoli Crowns: 10/$10
Again, really good price.  I don’t know what the pesticide rating is, so I’ll split this again with the store.
Anna: 7, supermarket: 3

Dannon All Natural Yogurt: $1.99/32 oz
I make my own (organic) for $1.50/32 oz, I win.
Anna: 8, supermarket: 3

So, there you have it.  I figured I would feel bad about what I spend now.  On the contrary, doing this actually made me feel pretty good.  I think I eat much healthier, less processed food.  I make more conscious decisions, and I’m really not losing much money.




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