Well, I did it!

I ate organic for $107 in February.

I’m not going to lie.  It was hard and it was frustrating and most definitely challenging.  However, I am alive, nourished, and am happy to feel at least a little bit of releift, budget wise, this month.  This doesn’t mean I have the freedom to have unlimited spending, though.  I’ve budgeted $150 for the month of March.  I don’t think I’m going to need all of it, but it will be nice to know I can buy bananas for the whole month, if I need to.

The past few days were probably the worst.  My last four meals have been barley.  literally.  Today, my lunch consisted of slices of beer bread and a lot of almonds.  Granted, I think the barley meals were pretty well balanced, but still.  I’m a bit sick of barley right now.

Interesting numbers for the month of February:

boxes of cereal eaten: 6
pounds of meat eaten: 2
gallons of milk used (for milk, yogurt, and cheese): 3
28 oz cans of tomatoes used: 3
number of grocery trips: 3
number of miles run: 269.1
number of extra calories needing to be consumed: 26,910

I really think if I can do this given my caloric needs, then anyone can.  Sure, $107 is NOT by any means a lot.  However, I did it and I don’t feel like I ever went hungry because of it.  I maybe didn’t have as much splurge food lying around, but that’s not a big deal.  I had plenty of almonds to snack on!!

I finally have food again!

I ended up spending $50, but a lot of that was because I literally  had nothing left.  I certainly anticipate my next visits to be far less.

Here is what I got (sale items are bolded):

organic orange juice – $5.29 (I HATE paying this much for orange juice!)
2.49 lbs organic bananas–  $1.79 ($0.69/lb!)
1.58 lbs organic turnip – $0.77 ($0.49/lb)
1.14 lbs organic celery root – $2.27 ($1.99/lb)
2 x 1 gallon organic 2% milk – $6.69
1.33 lbs organic red onion – $1.32 ($0.99/lb)
2 x organic avocado – $2.58 ($1.29 each)
2 lb organic carrots – $1.99
2.41 lbs organic roma tomatoes – $3.59 ($1.49/lb)
2.4 lbs organic rolled oats – $2.38 ($0.99/lb)
3.77 lbs organic whole wheat flour – $4.86 ($1.29/lb)
3 lb bag organic navel oranges – $3.99
1 plain organic yogurt – $0.99
2 x canned organic black beans – $1.39 each
3.28 lbs organic brown rice – $4.89 ($1.49/lb)

I’m so excited for what this month has in store!

It was really…let me emphasize this, REALLY nice to go grocery shopping again.  My last trip was February 15th.  I think I did pretty well for myself.


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  1. Just over $100 spent for a month of organic food is something I have never, ever heard of. You must not let anything go to waste!

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