Random Thoughts

It’s late and I need to go bed.

I’ve been working on a take home final for my materials class all night, though, and I know if I go straight to bed I will either not be able to fall asleep because my brain is wired or I will dream about microfabrication processes.

I have a few things I’m excited about and want to share, so I figure I can do that while I unwind..

1.  I bought a 5-pack of reusable produce bags the other day for $5.  I always feel so guilty throwing away those thin plastic bags you get when you buy just a couple apples.  It’s amazing how making a little change can make you feel so good.

2.  I went to Bloomingfoods today and only spent $7.41.  I bought a dozen eggs, worcestshire sauce, organic turbinado sugar, and more organic bananas (still $0.69/lb!!).  I’m not really sure what turbinado sugar is, but it looks like brown sugar so I’m just going to use it as brown sugar.

3.  I’m really excited because my plans for the weekend are to make bbq pulled pork totally from scratch.  I want to make sourdough buns, ketchup (for bbq sauce), and bbq sauce from scratch.  I made my pork tonight.  I let it roast for a few hours in beer and pretty much every spice I found in my house that sounded good.  The pieces I tried were amazing.  As an aside, I always feel super guilty eating pork at home because my roommate can’t eat it.  She always assures me that it’s fine, but I still feel bad.  She was gone tonight so I felt slightly less guilty about filling the house with pork aromas.

4.  I think I’m starting to feel the after effects of having a pretty limited diet this past week.  The last couple days I have felt like a zombie and have been kind of out of it.  I’m kind of grumpy when I’m malnourished and that’s kind of how I’ve felt lately.  I can also tell that my body is craving fruits and vegetables, which I severely lacked those last few dark days of February.  Now that I have them back in my life, I’m enjoying snacking on carrots and bananas and oranges.

5.  Oranges.  I just bought a bag of the most overwhelmingly sweet oranges of my life.  I’m not a sugar person so they’re almost difficult for me to eat.  Side note, I used to be allergic to oranges.  I wonder when I outgrew that.


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  1. I hope you’re planning on sharing that. I’m looking for someone to make better pulled pork than what I had in Superbowl Village. It was amazing.

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