Beer Bread Pudding with Roasted Vegetables

Okay, so maybe this isn’t *really* bread pudding, but it tasted like it! (and you’ll probably be suprised when you see what the ingredients were!)

I always wonder how chefs and cookbook authors come up with recipes until I realized a few weeks ago that they probably do exactly what I do…just mix things together knowing that they’ll eat whatever it is regardless of what it tastes like.  I guess I’m just lucky that I’ve done this enough that now more often than not it turns out okay.

While looking through a blog I subscribe to the other day, I came across a good idea for stale bread.  I had 1/4 of a loaf of last week’s beer bread so I decided to give the advice a try and put it in soup.  I wasn’t really anticipating it to come out pudding-y, but it was delicious.  (albeit horribly unphotogenic).

I did the usual, started boiling barley and red lentils, and then once the liquid was almost completely gone I broke up the bread into crumbs and stirred them in the soup.  I wound up having to add ~1/2 cup more water and I let the bread soak that up while stirring constantly.  While this whole process was going on I was roasting potatoes, onion, and turnip.

Next time I can do without the turnip.  It didn’t add much to this dish.  The onion, on the other hand, went fantastically with the pudding.  Surprisingly, the beer flavor was really pronounced.  I mixed in a tablespoon of good, grainy mustard, too.  I think if I had added any more, though, I would have ruined it.  It was really difficult for me to stop eating this but I forced myself to save some for lunch tomorrow.

creamy, beer-y goodness

The whole time I was thinking that corn would have been great mixed in.  If I try this again I will probably add more vegetables to it.  I also think this could be great with pork.  The only thing I would do is add more salt!  For some reason it seemed as if no matter how much I added there wasn’t enough.

I swear it tastes better than it looks

Total Cost: $2.68

organic barley: $0.40
organic red lentils: $0.30
1 organic onion: $0.42
2 organic potatoes: $0.40
1/4 organic turnip: $0.17
1/4 loaf of beer bread: $0.99

OH, I also found $5 today!!! Karma for spending so little on food last month?


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