Back Home Again in Indiana (and my kitchen)

My kitchen has never looked so good to me as Saturday when I got home.

What looked even better was Bloomingfood’s when I went grocery shopping Saturday night.  You know, the great thing about stores like B-foods as compared to normal grocery stores is that produce that wouldn’t  normally go on sale are reduced every time there’s a surplus.  So, what did I get this time that I can’t normally afford at Marsh?  parsnips.  I freaking love parsnips.  I also got more celery root (new addiction).


– .61 lbs organic celery root: $1.21 (1.99/lb)
-1.49 lbs organic parsnips: $2.52 ($1.69/lb)
-2.55 lbs organic bananas: $2.52 ($0.99/lb)
-2.99 lbs organic rolled oats: $2.96 ($0.99/lb)
-organic kale: $1.89
2 x organic frozen edamame: $3.98
5 x Chobani yogurt: $5.45 ($1.09/each)
-2 x organic canned black beans: $2.78 ($1.39 each)
-1 dozen all nautral corn tortillas: $0.59
.13 lbs organic garlic: $0.78 ($5.99/lb)

Total Price: $24.88

So, what else have I been up to?  Well, the day that I got home I ate 4 bowls of cereal, 1 bowl of oatmeal, and I made barley/red lentils with roasted celery root, turnip, potatoes, and red onion.  Why did I eat so much cereal?  For some reason I was craving it like crazy.

Hmm, what else?  Yesterday I made rice with roasted vegetables and smoked clams in rosewood oil.  Nothing too exciting.  Here’s a picture of all the colorful veggies I had lying around in the fridge: (carrots, parsnips, turnip, potato, red onion):

how amazing does that look?

What else?  Oh!!  Here’s a new recipe.  Tonight I was craving quesadillas but didn’t have any cheese so I thought egg might be a good substitute.  It didn’t quite have the effect I was looking for but it was really, really good.


Here’s what I had to work with: corn tortillas, kale, a potato, red onion, tomatoes that I froze before I left for Orlando, and eggs.

I love all these colors!

Huevos Quesadilla
-finely chop potato, 1/10 a large red onion, and a leaf of kale
-sautee in olive oil, add a couple quarters of tomato
-when the vegetables are ready, add two eggs into the pan; scramble

yum 🙂

-scoop vegetable/egg mixture onto a corn tortilla, add extra tomatoes, cover with another corn tortilla, and heat in the skillet until warm; flip if you can and heat for a minute or so on the other side

kind of difficult to eat without anything gooey holding it together, but totally worth it

Total Price (2 quesadillas): $1.51

-2 eggs: $0.50
-4 tortillas: $0.20
-1/10 red onion: $0.10
-1 potato: $0.15
-1 leaf of kale: $0.20
-1 tomato: $0.36


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