In-organic Solution

As the last couple days of the month draw to a close, the lunches and snacks I bring to school become more and more boring (aka they usually consist entirely of oatmeal).

Today I was especially displeased to realize I had forgotten to add anything to the oatmeal I brought today for my snack….not even honey! I’m not a huge fan of plain oatmeal, so I was in a state of distress.

Fortunately, I work well under pressure and came up with the best. (albeit not anywhere close to organic). solution. ever.

I’ve had bite size Snickers in my desk since the first day of class this semester when I (keyword) tried to get my students to like me by bribing them with candy. I unwrapped one and placed it in my oatmeal before microwaving, thus solving my unsweetened oatmeal problem!

Somehow Snicker’s seems way healthier when placed in oatmeal…

New use for leftover Halloween candy? (and Reeses chocolate peanut butter eggs!?)


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