or catch up.  whatever.

I haven’t posted in forever.  hello finals.

here are some of the high points of my foodie life lately:

1.  We finally got rid of the 30+ pounds (40-something canned good) of food we had sitting in our house.  In December Becca and I threw a holiday party and in lieu of asking people to help pay for beer, we asked for canned good donations to take to a food pantry.  It turns out food pantries only accept food at the most inconvenient times.  We’ve been staking out food drives andfinallyfound one.

kind of.

I took our food to bloomingfoods and the food drive was over but I begged them to take it from me, so they said since it was so much food they would haha.

2.  My birthday was a good one, as far as kitchen gadgets go.  Here’s what I got:
cast iron pan- I’ve been wanting one because, frankly, teflon scares me.  I try to be really careful with my teflon pans (not washing them in the dishwasher, not using metal on them, etc) to try and keep those pesky flourine atoms on the pan, but I know it’s just a matter of time before they’re doing some radical chain reaction in my body.  long story short, I want to make fire roasted things in my cast iron pan and I’m excited.
set of three small strainers- these are going to be perfect for when I make cheese and have to scoop out the small curds!  bonus: the larger of the three worked perfectly to wash the squash seeds I made the other day!
set of two tongs– I’m pumped for these for salads and when we roast things!  Roasting for me usually consists of precariously sticking my arm way back into the oven with a small fork to test the veggies.  This should help 🙂
onion keeper– This technically doesn’t count because I asked my mom for this a while back ago.  These are just gosh darn nifty.  Instead of making your tupperware smell, you can put half an onion in here and hang it in your fridge.

rice cooker– I got this in the mail today from my sister!  Not only does it cook rice, but it steams too!  and makes hard boiled eggs!  and dessert!  I’m pretty excited, especially for the rice pudding recipe that came with it!

3.  I finally cooked my sqash.  It yielded, oh, about 8 pounds. The picture is deceiving because I had already cooked with some when I took this.

so much squash

4.  I roasted veggies in the toaster oven  yesterday.  It turns out my 1 lb bread pan fits perfectly!  It was so much quicker than roasting in the oven, since I only had half an onion and half a sweet potato.  Much more energy efficient, too!!

5.  CSA starts Friday!

6.  I went grocery shopping Monday.

yum 🙂

organic bananas: 1.64 lbs @ $0.99/lb- $1.62
organic Bartlett pears: 1.97 lbs @ $1.69/lb- $3.33
5 lb organic wheat flour: $5.29
organic rolled oats: 2.58 lbs @ $0.99/lb- $2.55
3 lb bag organic apples: $3.99
smoked gouda orphan:.09 lbs @ $6.99/lb- $0.63

5% discount: -$0.87
Total Price: $16.54

hmm I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something…I’m sure I’ll remember later.