Mexican Spring Vegetable Casserole

random ingredients

I hope this is what summer grad school is.  I got in 3 hours of microscope time today, got trained on a new instrument, put together the rest of the rough draft, sent a few emails, organized my inbox, and then came home and made aammaazzing dinner.

I finished off so many leftovers today that when Becca came home she thought I had organized the refrigerator.  My meal consisted of: 1 leftover egg, ~1/4 cup of salsa, 6 corn tortillas that got left out in the fridge so they were hard/crunchy/kinda gross, 6 radishes and 6 green onions that needed to be used because they were from last week’s CSA, 1/2 cup black beans, and gross leftover chives from my very first CSA.

When I was laying out all the ingredients I realized I could make something that resembled lasagna with the tortillas and salsa, so I rolled with it.  It turned out surprisingly good!

Mexican Spring Veggie Casserole

-layer a pan with corn tortillas

-next, add black beans and salsa

-thinly slice 6 radishes and layer on top of salsa

-chop radish greens and green onions, layer on top

 -season with crushed red pepper, salt, and taco seasoning
-tear up remaining tortillas to cover vegetables
-crack an egg on top and spread egg evenly over tortillas; add chives

-bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees

This tasted really good, although in the future I would probably just discard the really crunchy/dried out portions of the tortilla or make sure they are on the bottom where they can soak up all the good salsa/black bean juices.  The egg really pulled everything together…I would maybe add another next time.  I wasn’t exactly sure radishes would go well in this dish, but their tangy horseradish-ness worked well with the black beans and salsa.  Definitely glad I tried this instead of letting my gross tortillas go to waste!

I’m not going to try and calculate a total cost here because I think it would be impossible with all the CSA ingredients…the tortillas were ~$0.40, the egg was $0.17, salsa was free from my mom, the black beans were crazy cheap because I bought them dried…I would definitely say this meal was less than $4.00 🙂


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  1. Aww thanks! I think the easiest way to transition yourself into throwing a new recipe together is by starting with one ingredient at a time. For instance, buy a small bit of cheese you’ve never tried before from a sample bin and try to work it into a meal, or pick a spice you don’t use very often and try to make a dish around it. 🙂

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