Toasted Millet Rice Pudding

I suppose maybe I was inspired by Chopped, or maybe it was the fact my dinner literally consisted of tomato basil potato chips, a cucumber, and some yogurt with cereal.


So, I’ve been in a bit of a grocery rut lately.  I get such variety from the CSA that I’ve been neglecting buying a good variety of other foods.  This means if I want a snack, I usually have to do some actual cooking.

The theme of Chopped tonight is chocolate, which put me in a mood for sweets.

How I came up with millet rice pudding, I have no idea.

Actually…I do.  First I was going to toast millet so I could puff it up and have cereal with peanut butter and sugar.  Then, I was looking through my ‘ancient grains’ cookbook and saw a recipe for rice pudding.  I didn’t have any of the right ingredients, but it sounded good, so I made up a recipe of my own.

Is it truly rice pudding?  Um, probably not.  Do I care at this point that I’ve mislabeled this post?  No.

Also, I apologize in advance for this being the most haphazard recipe ever.  I used to believe in measuring ingredients at one point in my life.  Then I met my roommate.

Toasted Millet Rice Pudding

-layer a dry pan with millet and set to medium heat
-while shaking the pan, let the millet toast (you’ll hear crackling)
-once the millet starts to brown, add water and cook until the millet soaks up all the water
-add milk, honey, and vanilla
-continue to cook until liquid has been absorbed
-add orange juice, peanut butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar
-cook until liquid has been absorbed
-continue to add water/let it be absorbed until your millet reaches the right consistency (I don’t know what the right consistency is, soooo I cooked it until it was soft).
-for a more intense flavor, add orange extract

This ended up tasting pretty good.  I think adding chocolate chips would be amazing, and in the future I would maybe not add nutmeg.

Total Price: cheap

I don’t know exactly how much of anything I used, but the millet was something, like, $1.50/lb…I probably used $0.30 worth.  I used such trivial amounts of everything else that I don’t think this could have cost more than $0.75.



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