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Sad news

Support your local farmers(taken from my CSA newsletter – they have to stop operations a month early this year due to lack of money)


OK, the difficult news.  As most of you know at this point, we have decided to stop operations after this week.  We have done so because we are no longer able to fund operations.  We have been in this position before…and typically what Jeff and I have done is take on some more debt and not take any pay.  Well, we have tapped both of these strategies (credit card maxed and pay=0) but it was not enough.  We waited to the last possible week to stop (and perhaps waited too long) but the bills continue to come in and we have reserved our last few dollars to pay local vendors and our farm crew.

This year we chose to use our dollars to make it through the drought with food.  The drought demanded more labor and inputs than we expected in our annual planning.  Even worse than the devastating floods a few years back.  The crew did heroic work to get plants to grow, but unfortunately, it left us unable to finish out the season.


This is the risk of small scale vegetable farming.  We do not qualify for the subsidies or other crop protections that corn and soy enjoy.  Thus, when the resources run out, we need to make the very difficult decision to stop.  Thank you for sharing in this risk.


So, I ask for your understanding.   Of our situation and the challenges faced by the local growers in our local food system.  Tell this story to others so that they can also learn that food does not grow in grocery stores and that there are real people behind it all.  And, finally, I ask that you thank any of our crew that you may run into.  It is tough work to grow healthy food for people.  You are part of their story just as they are part of yours.



Roasted Tandoori-Chipotle Chili Powder Chicken with CSA Veggies

I have to say, chicken has never been a favorite meal of mine.

My biggest issue with chicken is that my mom (as amazing of a cook as she is) has always overcooked chicken to the point of it being as crumbly as the fantastic baking powder biscuits she usually made to go with them.  I never really realized chicken was supposed to be…juicy.

As a result, my diet had largely consisted of red meat throughout my cooking-on-my-own years.

Fast forward to now and me not really eating red meat anymore, and I’m finding more and more chicken in my diet (when it’s on sale, of course).

I’ve been making this meal lately, partly because picky-boyfriend-Dave likes it a lot and partly because it’s really freaking easy.

Picky-boyfriend-Dave also lives in Indy now, so we’ve been making it out to Trader Joes every week or two.  This past time I went I picked up a bag of all natural chicken breasts for $7.00.

I don’t know about everyone else in the CSA world, but I am completley overrun with potatoes and garlic.  Especially garlic.  I literally have 15 bulbs sitting in my pie cabinet right now.  Fortunately, potatoes and garlic go perfectly with roasted chicken. 🙂

One thing I have been doing with my roasted chicken is seasoning it to the point I feel as though I may be over seasoning it  I have determined, however, that this is not possible, and the more seasoning the better (especially if you have chicken from a butcher that has good skin on it).

Something I did at the end was put parmesan on top.  I totally don’t recommend this.  I don’t know..I just don’t think it goes well with roasted potatoes (but tastes good with the chicken).  I also don’t think I like parmesan cheese that much, so maybe my opinion on this isn’t the best.

Roasted Tandoor-Chipotle Chili Powder Chicken with CSA Veggies

-chop potatoes, greens, garlic, and cucumber and toss them in olive oil in a roasting pan

-liberally rub two chicken breasts with tandoori, chipotle chili powder, cumin, and salt; place on top of veggies

-chop quarter tomatoes and place on top of chicken

-roast at 400 degrees for ~30 minutes; cut the thickest part of the chicken to make sure it is completley done

Total Price: $8.08

2 all natural chicken breasts: $2.20
5 organic potatoes: $2.00
1 organic cucumber: $0.88
4 cloves organic garlic: $0.40
4 stalks organic collard greens: $1.30
3 organic tomatoes: $1.30

$8.08 isn’t bad since this fed 2 and there is still 25% of the chicken leftover, plus a lunch worth’s amount of veggies.