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Bison Burger with Spinach Celery Root Puree and Camelized Onions

Ironically, I hate when people make "deconstructed" meals

I’ve been waiting forever to make my bison.  I figured this is a good time, seeing as how my iron is super low and I’m running out of food.

I wanted to make something that wouldn’t make the flavor of the meat.  I was going to do meatloaf or burgers, but in the end I decided burgers would be faster, since I have one of those fancy George Foreman’s and all.

I was blown away by how good this bison was.  It seriously just melts in your mouth.  I think from now on I may only buy ground bison instead of beef.  The flavor is so much cleaner than the ground beef I typically buy.  It also helps that there is a lot less fat in bison (90% lean).  Despite this, I was surprised just how much fat came off of them in the Foreman.

Bison Burgers

in a bowl, combine 1 lb ground bison, 1 clove diced garlic, salt, pepper, ground mustard, and crushed red pepper
-mix and form into patties
-cook to medium rare


Spinach Celery Root Puree

-boil two handfuls of spinach and half a diced celery root
-mash with potato masher

don't forget to add salt...rookie mistake

Carmelized Onion

-slice an onion thinly, heat a pan with olive oil, and let onions brown

This was so delicious.  I didn’t want to add anything to it and ruin the taste of the beef, so that’s why I did it ‘deconstructed.’  The only thing I would un-add to the plate is the mustard.  The meal didn’t need it.

To top it off, I had a piece of 82% dark chocolate for dessert 🙂

Total Price : $2.50

-1/4 lb all natural bison: $1.13
-1 clove organic garlic: $0.10
-1/8 organic red onion: $0.12
-1/2 organic celery root: $0.40
-2 cups organic spinach: $0.75

Too bad my chocolate bar cost way more than that….