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Cornmeal Apple Pancakes

One of my favorite things my boyfriend and I do on (lazy) Saturday mornings is make pancakes.  I think he gets frustrated with me because I never have pancake mix, but, who needs mix when you have an addiction to the bulk section at the co-op?

One (not so) recent Saturday morning, I made Dave pancakes in the cast iron skillet (my new favorite kitchen gadget).

To be honest, I’m not that good at making pancakes.  I never have been.  I either horribly undercook them, or burn them terribly.  These were pretty tasty (albeit slightly undercooked) 🙂

ingredients, + mango green tea (Saturday morning essential)

Cornmeal Apple Pancakes
adapted from Ancient Grains for Modern Meals

-mix 1/2 cup cornmeal, 1/4 cup flour (I used whole wheat), 1 tablespoon turbinado sugar, 3/4 teaspoons baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, 1/4 teaspoon salt
-in a separate bowl, mix 3/4 cups milk (I used expired 2%), 1 large egg, 2 sliced apples, and 1 tablespoon olive oil
-Combine the wet and dry ingredients and mix until just combined (my mom takes this step very seriously)

-Make pancakes the way you normally would (I’m certainly not one to give advice on this, frankly I was amazed that my pancakes came out flufly).

I think these pancakes are delicious.  I’m definitely someone who likes a little bit of texture to my pancakes, so I thought the cornmeal went really well with the cooked apples.  I’m not a butter or syrup kind of girl, so I thought they were great plain.  Almond butter definitely didn’t hurt, either 🙂

I made a half recipe because I didn’t think Dave and I would eat 12 pancakes, but I would definitely suggest making the full recipe if you’re cooking for more than just yourself.

Total Price: $2.04

1/2 cup organic cornmeal: $0.15
1/4 cup organic whole wheat flour: $0.06
1 tablespoon organic turbinado sugar: $0.05
baking powder/baking soda/salt/olive oil: no idea, let’s say $0.20
3/4 cups organic milk: $0.31
1 egg: $0.17
2 organic gala apples: $1.10

So, this equates to $1.02 per person for breakfast.  Had we made the full recipe, it would have been $2.04.  This didn’t take much time to put together, and will definitely be made again.




Omelettes are something that have taken me a long time to perfect.  They’re such a great meal in a pinch, though.  You can add any vegetable, any cheese, any sauce, and you’re good.  Here are some of the tricks I’ve learned along the way:

1.  If you think you’ve oiled/buttered/sprayed your pan enough, you haven’t.  don’t forget-  the sides of the skillet!!

2.  Use the smallest pan possible.  A smaller, thicker omelette is much easier to make than a thin one.

3.  This may be a no brainer, but it took me a long time to figure out this was key- whisk your eggs in a seperate bowl or glass first.  Add a little water or milk to give them extra fluff.

4.  Another no brainer, but again, I made a lot of gross omelettes before I figured this out- take the time to sautee all your vegetables before you add them to the omelette.  Sautee them first, THEN start your egg.  Then you’re not rushed and either undercooking your veggies or, even worse, overcooking your egg.

5.  If you want an omelette but are out of cheese, use salsa.  It adds the needed creamy-ness that makes an omelette good.

6.  There is no spice or vegetable combination that is bad in an omelette.

7.  Use the smallest spatula possible when flipping your omelette.  This will help you wield it best.

8.  Don’t let your pan get too hot, but if it’s not hot enough your omelette won’t cook well.  medium to medium low is best.

9.  Let your omelette cook part way before adding your vegetables.  If you add too soon, you will end up with a mess.

10.  Some of my favorite combinations: onion, green pepper, colby jack; spinach, onion, black beans, salsa; spinach and goat cheese; potatoes, onion, fennel, gouda;

end of the week CSA omelette(this is the second Thursday night omelette I’ve made with the last few remnants of the week’s CSA)

sautee chopped turnip greens, beet greens, green onions, or kale, green onions, chives (or a combo of both!) in olive oil
-while sauteeing, whisk two eggs in a cup; add a tablespoon or two of milk
-remove veggies from pan, spray extra cooking oil in pan
-pour eggs in pan, let them cook for ~1 minute
-add veggies, salsa, cheese (I used gouda for the first omelette, bleu cheese for the second)
-flip one side over, creating a pocket
-if desired (I usually don’t), flip the omelette by rocking it over the spine (?) of the omelette. (what the heck do you call that part?)

okay, so it looks more like a taco than an omelette, but at least it stayed together!

Total Price:$1.24-$2.20

-2 eggs: $0.34
-whatever veggies are in your fridge: $0.20-$0.75
-bits of cheese: $0.50-$1.00
-1/8 of a cup of salsa: $0.20

Breakfast Dilemma

If you’ve been following me all month you know that I ran out of grocery money a few weeks ago.  I’ve actually been doing pretty well with this, except that today I ran out of breakfast food.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

I have 5 boxes of cereal but no milk, yogurt, oatmeal, bread, etc.

After taking a quick look through the pantry I decided to turn this month’s standby, barley, into breakfast.

By pairing it with pumpkin and adding honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg it turned out pretty great!  It doesn’t taste as sweet as it would if you added all the same ingredients to, say, oatmeal, but I’m okay with that.

current pantry inhabitants

I made enough for breakfast the next few days, so that will be especially nice to not have to prepare anything.

Sweet Pumpkin Barley

-boil 1 cup barley until it absorbs all the cooking water (I probably used 3 cups and this took ~20 minutes)

it's amazing how a little bit of pumpkin makes this look so much more appetizing

-once the water has been absorbed, add 1-1/4 cups canned pumpkin, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, 1 tablespoon honey, and cinnmaon and nutmeg to taste

this makes me wish it was fall


Total Cost: $2.78

organic pumpkin: $1.25
organic barley: $0.78
organic brown sugar, honey, spices: no clue (let’s say AT MOST $0.75 (and I feel like that’s just being overly cautious)

I ate ~1/3 of this and still have plenty for two more breakfasts