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Black bean – kale – kohlrabi – garlic scape burgers

yikes, that’s a mouthful.

This really is the best part about the CSA- the opportunity to make bizarre meals.  My inspiration actually came from this blog, where there was a recipe for garlic scape and kale hummus.  I figured since I had garlic scapes and kale, but no chickpeas, I could make a black bean hummus.  I also have more kohlrabi than I know what to do with, so obviously I wanted to add that, too.  After I got everything in the food processor it dawned on me that I should just add some cornmeal, too, and make burgers!

Last night I topped the burgers with plain yogurt and chipotle chili powder.


Tonight I added my caliente goat cheese and a fried egg….DELICIOUS

I’m not the best at taking food pics haha

I definitely like the black bean burgers best with cheese and egg.

If I were my roommate, I would probably like this with olive tapenade.

CSA black bean burgers

chop 2 kohlrabi (root, stem, and leaves)

-steam in the microwave for 2 minutes
-add to the food processor, along with 5 chopped garlic scapes and a handful kale


-blend in the food processor
-add a 29 ounce can of blackbeans, continue to process
-add cornmeal, a 1/4 cup at a time, until the desired consistency is reached
-add cumin, taco seasoning, and crushed red pepper, blend
-form burgers and bake at 400 degrees until crispy or you lose patience

Total Price: $4.39 ($0.37/burger)

1 29 oz. can black beans: $0.99
-5 organic garlic scapes: $0.15
-2 organic kohlrabi: $2.00
-organic kale: $1.00
– 1/4 cup organic cornmeal: $0.25

-1 container organic plain yogurt: $0.80
-organic caliente goat cheese: $2.00


Stroke of Genius of the Month

So, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been making dinner as much lately, or, when I do, it has turned out to be something quick that doesn’t have any leftovers.

On the flip side of that is the fact that I have far more green, leafy vegetables than I know what to do with.

Tie both aforementioned facts together with the problem that I need to make a lunch everyday that includes protein, yet I am still burned out on sandwiches, and you get my new, cheap lunch idea:

-Mix together greens, 2 eggs, salt, pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar in a microwave safe container and microwave for 2 minutes at lunch time.

What you end up with is a salad souffle of sorts that seems totally inspired but, in my case, stemmed from extreme desperation.

The total cost?  About $0.84.

Mexican Spring Vegetable Casserole

random ingredients

I hope this is what summer grad school is.  I got in 3 hours of microscope time today, got trained on a new instrument, put together the rest of the rough draft, sent a few emails, organized my inbox, and then came home and made aammaazzing dinner.

I finished off so many leftovers today that when Becca came home she thought I had organized the refrigerator.  My meal consisted of: 1 leftover egg, ~1/4 cup of salsa, 6 corn tortillas that got left out in the fridge so they were hard/crunchy/kinda gross, 6 radishes and 6 green onions that needed to be used because they were from last week’s CSA, 1/2 cup black beans, and gross leftover chives from my very first CSA.

When I was laying out all the ingredients I realized I could make something that resembled lasagna with the tortillas and salsa, so I rolled with it.  It turned out surprisingly good!

Mexican Spring Veggie Casserole

-layer a pan with corn tortillas

-next, add black beans and salsa

-thinly slice 6 radishes and layer on top of salsa

-chop radish greens and green onions, layer on top

 -season with crushed red pepper, salt, and taco seasoning
-tear up remaining tortillas to cover vegetables
-crack an egg on top and spread egg evenly over tortillas; add chives

-bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees

This tasted really good, although in the future I would probably just discard the really crunchy/dried out portions of the tortilla or make sure they are on the bottom where they can soak up all the good salsa/black bean juices.  The egg really pulled everything together…I would maybe add another next time.  I wasn’t exactly sure radishes would go well in this dish, but their tangy horseradish-ness worked well with the black beans and salsa.  Definitely glad I tried this instead of letting my gross tortillas go to waste!

I’m not going to try and calculate a total cost here because I think it would be impossible with all the CSA ingredients…the tortillas were ~$0.40, the egg was $0.17, salsa was free from my mom, the black beans were crazy cheap because I bought them dried…I would definitely say this meal was less than $4.00 🙂

Pickled Beet Salad with Fried Eggs

I realized I never was able to post what I got in my CSA box on Friday!

The CSA is going really pickup is on Friday and every Thursday night I’m usually scrambling to use up what I had from the week before.  I think I also came up with a good way to quantify how much money I’m spending…well, a couple ways.

1.  I walked around the farmer’s market the other day and realized that if I went there to buy the exact same things I get in the box, in the same quantities, I would spend much more.  This makes me happy.  (I think I’m spending more, though, than if I were only buying sale items…jury is still out).

2.  Another way to determine it is to decide how many meals I am able to use my veggies in- for instance, with the lettuce I got this week I have made 5 salads and I have used the mushrooms in 2 meals.  Once I’ve used all the veggies for the week, I’ll be able to see how much money each serving was.  I think last week’s ended up being $0.50 for each serving.  not bad!

Okay, back to the point.  Here’s what I got this week:

lots of green this week!

Here’s what it is:
-a TON of romaine lettuce (you can’t tell that most of it is behind the brown bag)
-green onions
-Shiitake mushrooms

So, last Thursday I had an insane amount of veggies left.  I still had 3 beets, 3 turnips, and a whole bag of pok choi.  I decided to pickle everything and see how it turned out!  I’ve never pickled before, so I was pretty confused about everything.  I mixed a couple different recipes…I happen to think it turned out amazing.  Tangy and a little bit sweet, with an amazing color.

Pickled Beets

-chop beets/stalk/greens, toss in olive oil, and roast in the oven at 400 degrees for ~15 minutes
-simmer 1 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup turbinado sugar, 1 1/2 tsp salt, 1 cup water
-chop remaining ingredients while the beets are roasting (I did pok choi, turnips + stalk + greens, and romaine lettuce)
-once beets are out of the oven, layer vegetables in a mason jar and pour liquid over vegetables
-be sure all the vegetables are submerged
-let veggies sit in the refrigerator for at least three days (I ate some after 4, we’ll see if the taste changes at all as the days go on)

 Pickled Beet Salad with Fried Eggs

-combine romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, pickled vegetables, and 1-2 fried eggs
-add olive and salt, if desired
-be sure to soak up some of the purple juice with your fried egg!!

yum 🙂

Total Cost:

Pickled Beets: $3.63

3 organic beets (CSA)- $1.00
-3 organic turnips (CSA)- $1.00
-bag of organic pok choi (CSA)- $1.00
-1/2 cup organic raw sugar: $0.63
-1 cup vinegar: no clue

Pickled Beet Salad with Eggs: $2.14

2 organic eggs: $0.34
-organic romaine lettuce: $1.00
-2 organic carrots: $0.20
-1/6 organic pickled veggies: $0.60